Activation condition for multiple SPs

Lalith Jayaweera ljayaweera at
Fri May 19 01:21:59 EDT 2017

Thanks Scott

Understand your concern regarding versions...

but as per below article, these should work from  V3.2.0, but does not look

This I tried on IdP 3.2.1 with the stated failure in saml-nameid.xml

However I tried below in saml-nameid.xml and it works

<bean parent="shibboleth.SAML2AttributeSourcedGenerator"
    p:attributeSourceIds="#{ {'uid'} }">
    <property name="activationCondition">

        <bean id="MyCondition"
            <constructor-arg name="candidates">
                 <value>https:// <>tes</value>
            <value>https:// <>tes</value>



On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 11:16 AM, Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> wrote:

> > Also is it correct to state all these stated syntax (expression)
> available from
> > IdP V 3.2.0?
> 3.3.1 is the only supported release and I'm not going to provide support
> time for free to determine whether there are fixed bugs in any particular
> area.
> > Regarding  the <constructor-arg>, did you mean to define something like
> > below and refer via p:activationCondition-ref
> Inline or by reference, but it's moot because it works regardless.
> -- Scott
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