SHIB3: Building a custom consent & password expiration workflow

dqluan dqluan at
Thu May 18 13:30:14 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

This is my first time here. I posted the same question to the development
list, so please forgive the spam and ignore this message if you have seen

Have anyone had to build a custom workflow for ToU agreement and password
expiration in SHIB3 because of exotic organizational requirements? If so,
how did you do it? I am brand new to SHIB3, so any suggestion is

My requirements:

1) Custom business logic: The organization wants passwords not to expire
automatically after a date, but rather after that date, the user will have
3 more logins, each time they will be reminded, before the password
actually expires.

2) We cannot modify the Shib3 code itself.

>From what I understand, this kind of "soft expiration" logic is not
supported out of the box.

Thanks again! And have a great day.
Quang Luan
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