$custom at error.vm

Sobotka Martin martin.sobotka at inet-logistics.com
Wed May 17 02:56:20 EDT 2017

Hello shibboleth-team,

I'm currently customizing the UI of a migrated IdP v3.3.1. We use brandings for different customers. This branding information will be fetched through a own bean, see global.xml:

<bean id="brandingBean" class="..." />
<util:map id="shibboleth.CustomViewContext">
  <entry key="branding" value-ref="brandingBean" />

In every view (e.g. login.vm, logout.vm, etc.) I'm able to access the bean via $custom['branding'].someMethod(), except in error.vm. In error.vm $custom is empty.

Is there any configuration mistake?

Best Regards,
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