Rory Larson rlarson1 at
Mon May 15 17:58:19 EDT 2017

Thanks, Scott!  That's a very helpful, informative answer, and I appreciate it.  I'll look into the avenues you've suggested, and maybe get back with you later.

> The problem is that the gluing together of two factors is *not* trivial and is often quite complex. That's what the MFA feature is addressing, and most sites aren't just doing Duo, they're combining Duo and Password in specific ways that are unique to their needs. Yours appear to be, for example, much more complex than my own university's. That's an example of what I'm trying to say. I could tell you how I did it, but it's simpler than what you have to do.

Simpler might be a necessary stepping stone on the way to complexer.  If you could tell me how you did it, I think that would be a great help.


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