How to transit to new logout

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Thu May 11 21:42:35 EDT 2017

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> With IdP 3.2.x rolling out

I hope you mean 3.3, because that's already unsupported.

> am curious what would be the best way to rollout without impacting the below logout URL which have been configured in SPs in
> different ways.

If you're using an existing redirect, send it on to /idp/profile/Logout.
> Also we got CAS on top of IdP but not using CAS SLO, also have doubts whether to use SLO with IdP 3.2.x.

You should have doubts period, logout is a not a good use of anybody's time, but if you're using CAS and don't plan to stop, you should probably turn off SSO in the IdP altogether and leave it all up to CAS.

> Personally I do not think users should know the status of every SP after the logout rendering in page, even if it does, it should be a
> backdoor task.

I agree with you, thus my belief it needs to be reimplemented to hide the indicators and just do a best effort internally without any regard for the user, but that's not how it works now.

-- Scott

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