Selective Single Logout Propagation

Brian Moon bmoon at
Thu May 11 18:40:12 EDT 2017

The reasoning behind it was that we did not want to confuse users with a
red X thinking that something had failed that they need to notify us about
(basically same reasoning as yours).  So hiding it would certainly achieve
that objective.

To hide it, I assume that we will still need logout-propagate.vm to parse
logout/propagate.vm.  Do you just place it in a hidden div?  If so, is
there any requirement that a user remain on the page for a specific period
of time for the logouts to complete, or will simply accessing that page
trigger all of logout requests?


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On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 2:03 PM, Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> wrote:

> > When we set this up it works great for all of the SPs that support the
> > SingleLogoutService.  Unfortunately, since not all SPs support this our
> users
> > will see an error when logging out (most notably for us with Google
> Apps).
> Well, they should see a red X. You can't avoid that unless you take the
> tack (which I basically do) that it needs to be changed to hide all the
> results since the answer in any given case is pretty much always "sort of
> logged out of some stuff". The community has indicated that it doesn't all
> agree on that answer so the answer for now is that it needs to get much
> more flexible and configurable.
> >  Is there a way to configure the logout propagation so that if the
> > SingleLogoutService is not defined in the metadata then it does not even
> > attempt to propagate the logout?
> It doesn't attempt to. That doesn't change the outcome, logout to that
> service still didn't happen. Perhaps you're misunderstanding the meaning of
> the UI, or perhaps you're of a mind to agree with my opinion on it. Or I'm
> misremembering what it does, but that's my recollection and certainly it
> was the intent. It's not displaying services it thinks you can logout of,
> it's meant to be displaying every service it knows about, and then telling
> you if it could logout (according to the protocol telling it that it did).
> Also, that UI is not 508 compliant, like at all. If you're a public, you
> probably need to be aware of that. That's another reason I want to hide it,
> because I don't know how to make it compliant.
> -- Scott
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