Risk-based authN

Philip Brusten philip.brusten at kuleuven.be
Tue May 9 10:39:57 EDT 2017


we are thinking about making a service which collects information from 
trusted sources with information like: timestamp, application, userid, 
user-agent, browser-fingerprint, IP (+geo-ip), etc. We could then ask 
that service during a login to calculate the risk involved for that 
login (e.g. geo-distance, same browser, etc). If the IdP decides the 
risk is too high it could enforce multi-factor-authentication.

If we could get enough assurance that the IdP session comes from the 
same user/browser, we could perhaps disable the consistentAddress-check, 
and elevate the authentication level when necessary.

Is anyone doing the same thing?
Are there any existing services out there which we could use?

Kind regards,


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