IDP on Tomcat 8.5.x

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We've similarly been running on Tomcat 8.5 in production for a couple of months now (and several more in development) with no issues aside from having to make one container-specific configuration change regarding cookies (adding a CookieProcessor to context.xml to add an Expires field on to cookie because certain browsers not handling the Max-Age field) that we picked up during testing. No issues since go-live, handling around 4,000 logins per day.


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> Other than that: I know Niko has been running with Tomcat 8.5 for almost a
> year now (since last July, IIRC), on MS-Windows (where I understand the
> original session issue was reported?).
> @Niko: Anything to share?

Nope - I'm on tomcat 8.5.14 now, nothing special to report. But our IdP has no load (sporadic accees to some e-journals, dreamspark).

Kind regards.

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