IDP on Tomcat 8.5.x

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon May 8 17:51:21 EDT 2017

* Andrew Morgan <morgan at> [2017-05-08 22:51]:
> But otherwise, I don't see widespread reports of problems with
> Tomcat v8.5.
> Is it safe to upgrade to Tomcat v8.5.14?

FWIW, the next Debian release will come with Tomcat 8.5.x (8.5.12
currently), whenever that will happen (and with some further delay we
might see more people upgrading from Tomcat 8.0).
At least my own documentation will then feature Tomcat 8.5, too, as
I'm tracking Debian stable (and the most comparable respective Ubuntu
LTS release).

Other than that: I know Niko has been running with Tomcat 8.5 for
almost a year now (since last July, IIRC), on MS-Windows (where I
understand the original session issue was reported?).
@Niko: Anything to share?


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