Concur Application: adding custom elements to shib IdP SAML response

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri May 5 07:33:00 EDT 2017

* Reid Watson <reid.watson at> [2017-05-04 23:07]:
> You make some good point's here but each one these workarounds
> requires the vendor to update the SP config, It looks like the
> vendor implemented this standard around 2014 and haven’t changed
> since, so either the customers are ignoring this requirement or
> updating the code to support the requirement..

I hadn't checked out the old thread you referenced, so the vendor will
only check in that one specific spot, OK. But there's nothing standard
about that particuarly ("implemented this standard") and you can
imagine how many IDPs in the world will be able to support that, given
that it requires custom coding (!) in the IDP.


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