how to force idp v3 to sign saml assertion

Jehan Procaccia Jehan.Procaccia at
Fri May 5 03:43:55 EDT 2017


we have a software developer that tries to enable shbboleth SSO with our 
federation based on shibboleth IDPs

Although everything works fine with our shibd or simplesamlphp SPs. This 
one uses

the problem is that the lightSaml SP complains that the IDP doesn't sign 
SAML assertions, it misses element <ds:Signature> within the decrypted 
assertion .

indeeed , lightsaml needs signed SAML assetions according to

could it be a feature or parameter in my IDP (v 3.2.1) that isn't set 
correctly in order to force singing SAML assertions ?

Thanks for your help .

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