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General documentation on LDAP Authentication can be found on the Shibboleth wiki here [1]. You'll want to set the idp.authn.LDAP.userFilter configuration property (in conf/ if you're not using the JAAS LDAP setup like David is.


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DataConnectors are used in attribute-resolver.xml and as Scott has stated 2 or 3 times, attribute resolution occurs AFTER user authentication and cannot retroactively fail the (previously successful) user authentication.

Edit the ldap filter used in the authentication phase. I provided an example filter in the case you're using ldap authentication in jaas.config:

David Bantz

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> Right now I have this as my CDATA section within my DataConnector which successfully matches on the mail attribute.

That's not about authentication, so you're still going about this wrong.

> This is successfully authenticating:

No, it's successfully getting attributes (or not).

> I tried this next line but it didnt seem to work, users not in the group are able to login:

Because that has nothing to do with authentication, that's happening afterwards. It presupposes authentication happened (excepting attribute queries, but leave that aside).

-- Scott

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