Activation Condition Predicate for an Empty Attribute

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Aug 10 14:57:45 EDT 2017

> Unfortunately, in so doing, I discovered that SimpleAttributePredicate
> wildcarding returns true, even for empty attributes (that get pulled out of
> the connected data source as EmptyAttributeValue objects). This seems like
> a bug to me, and I've filed a report here [2].

I think it's a limitation and documentation issue at this point vs.a  bug but that's semantics.

> As a stop-gap, does anybody have a good approach (outside of writing a
> custom predicate bean myself) to return true only if an attribute is empty or
> non-existent?

The general rule is that you're not really wanting to surface empty values outside the resolver, which I was under the mistaken idea we were actually preventing. So certainly not exposing them is one way around it, but that's just moving the custom script logic into the resolver vs. inside a custom predicate script.

-- Scott

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