Patch for IDP-1101 regression in IdP 3.3

Brent Putman putmanb at
Thu Apr 27 15:29:12 EDT 2017

On 4/27/17 3:13 PM, Darren Struthers wrote:
> Release notes for IdP 3.3.x describe a regression of IDP-1101 and
> link to a patch available on
> <>, which seems to be down at the moment.
> Does anyone know if it is likely to be back online any time soon, or
> if the patch can be obtained elsewhere?

A couple of months ago we migrated/converted the last 2 remaining
projects to git, and the svn repos are now permanently offline and no
longer accessible.  Git repo access info here:

I guess we'll need to fix up the release notes accordingly.  I'm not
the original author of the patch, but looks like that svn rev
corresponds to git commit 5dc714e2c3431329818ccbf187b34d3eea528681, e.g.:;a=commit;h=5dc714e2c3431329818ccbf187b34d3eea528681

If you clone the java-identity-provider project, you can generate a
patch like:

git diff 5dc714e2c3431329818ccbf187b34d3eea528681~

Scott will probably have to confirm that the fix is contained in that
single commit, but looks correct AFAICT.
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