HTTP Compression

Tom Scavo trscavo at
Thu Apr 6 19:07:41 EDT 2017

On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 8:31 AM, Rhys Smith <Rhys.Smith at> wrote:
>> On 6 Apr 2017, at 13:13, Tom Scavo <trscavo at> wrote:
>> Do the Shibboleth HTTP metadata providers support HTTP
>> Compression by default or is some special configuration required?
>> Specifically, do the metadata providers send the following HTTP
>> request header:
> Yes they do, by default, no special config required - both IdP and SP.

Okay, thanks, that's good to know.

Now suppose an SP configures the following TransportOption to set
CURLOPT_TIMEOUT to 120 secs:

<TransportOption provider="CURL" option="13">120</TransportOption>

In that case, does the SP also need to add the following
TransportOption to enable compression?

<TransportOption provider="CURL" option="10102">gzip</TransportOption>

In other words, is it true that once a TransportOption is set, all
defaults are overridden and therefore become the responsibility of the



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