Scripted Attribute Resolver ClassNotFoundException

Brent Putman putmanb at
Tue May 31 14:55:40 EDT 2016

On 5/31/16 2:50 PM, cbaker wrote:
> Yup I've opened up the idp.war file and made sure that the appropriate jar
> files are in there.  I've added bcpkix-jdk15on-154.jar and
> bcprov-ext-jdk15on-154.jar and they're in the built war for sure.  

Well, Java is probably not lying to you.  If it says the class isn't
there, it probably isn't, at least in what is actually running.  So
maybe you did restart the IdP, or something like that.

> So maybe I should try using the 1.53 set of jars?

Probably.  You should probably not mix and match the BC versions.  Don't
know if it would have anything to do with this problem, but should
probably in general use a consistent version.
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