Shibboleth IdP v3.2.1 & LDAP+AD Authentication

Marco Malavolti marco.malavolti at
Tue May 31 11:31:36 EDT 2016

Hi Daniel and thank you for your fast answer!

Exactly, I have 1 instance of openLDAP and 1 instance of AD, but, if I 
understand correctly the shibboleth documentation, I can define now only 
one instance for each type of directory and, if I need in the future, 
add the configurations for other instances.
Is it right?

Il 31/05/2016 17.25, Daniel Fisher ha scritto:
> On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 11:06 AM, Marco Malavolti 
> <marco.malavolti at <mailto:marco.malavolti at>> wrote:
>     Someone of you already know a solution for this use case? What I
>     need to do to solve this situation and authenticate the users
>     provided by both directories?
> Can you describe your directory infrastructure? Are we talking about a 
> single instance of OpenLDAP and a single instance of AD?
> --Daniel fisher

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