CAS and HTML local storage

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu May 26 09:57:15 EDT 2016

> I've been setting up CAS on our IDP v3.2.1. When
> is set, the initial request for CAS authentication fails with "An error
> occurred: ServiceNotSpecified".

Pretty sure that's an event that the CAS flow has to be generating, I'm not familiar with it or what it means.

> For a failed request log shows:

That trace doesn't make any immediate sense to me. I'm well aware that enabling CAS doesn't work with the client storage feature, but the errors shouldn't be at that layer, and both the cookie and local storage features are simply not something you have to mess with or configure, they just work.

It seems like it's trying to load data that the client is giving it and it's invalid or something. Is the browser fully cleared and re-initialized and still gives that error?

> Where does ClientSessionStorageService come from?
> idp.session.StorageService is shibboleth.MemcachedStorageService

Then why are you enabling local storage? That doesn't make much sense.

You left them configured in the session-manager.xml file so as far as its concerned it still needs to try and load/save data with them. Normally that's harmless, if a little extra work, but if you turn on local storage, that's also going to add transits to the client and back on both ends, so that's a terrible choice if you're not using them. Still doesn't explain an error like that, but it's possible there's something off in the CAS flows.

-- Scott

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