IdPv3 authenticating against Office 365

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Tue May 24 17:23:56 EDT 2016

I may be reading into what you have written below, but we have no plans to collect student credentials with this system (though I acknowledge that it could be used for this purpose). To clarify, we are only looking for a way to verify the credentials without storing them or otherwise having them at all.


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> I'm trying to get LDAP access to the AD from which CUNY provisions the 
> Office 365 accounts (or rather, what amounts to a mirror of it). If I 
> can get this, my life will be oh so much easier.

Well, yes, that's obviously the sensible option here. If you're operating on behalf of that organization, it would be a total failure of common sense to subvert POP authentication and collect credentials without the support and backing of the organization. It would most likely be a violation of your local policy if it's anything like most organizations.

-- Scott

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