Wildcard SSL Cert. Jetty Windows IDP

Kuehner, Angela akuehne at ju.edu
Thu May 19 15:39:20 EDT 2016

Hello All-

We are currently trying to build a new Shibboleth IDP 3 server using the Jetty instance that installs with Shibboleth on Windows. Our server is Windows 2012 R2

1.       Are we able to use an existing Wildcard SSL certificate on a Jetty webserver? We have a cert in .pfx format.

2.       How do we import the PFX certificate? Should we be using Keytool for this?

3.       Are there specific instructions on how to edit the IDP.ini file after the certificate is imported?

We attempted to import the .PFX file into the IDP_HOME\credentials folder. We then edited the IDP.ini file to point the "jetty.browser.keystore.path" to the imported cert. We also updated the "jetty.browser.keystore.password". Upon doing this, the Shibboleth 3 IDP Daemon service will not stay started.

Are there step by step directions to get through this process out there? We are replacing an old Shibboleth server that has reached end of life.


Angela Kuehner
Sr. Systems Administrator
Jacksonville University
904-256-7707- office
akuehne at ju.edu

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