IdPv3 authenticating against Office 365

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed May 18 18:16:55 EDT 2016

* Yan Juras <yan.juras at> [2016-05-19 00:04]:
> I've been asked to explore using Office 365  as an authentication
> and attribute source for our IdP so that we can move away from
> needing to provision and maintain accounts for our
> students. Ideally, I'd like to authenticate using the Office 365
> username and password, and be able to pull a basic set of attributes
> from Office 365 (givenName, sn, displayName, email/eppn) for
> use/release by the IdP.
> Is anyone aware of a way to do this?
> I've tried searching for something that uses POP3 to do the
> authentication but pretty much everything is about using an IdP to
> authenticate POP3 rather than the reverse.

You can certainly write (or commission) a custom authentication flow
or use the authn/External to talk to some external service, including
POP (if you must).
Besides any technical aspects I'd pay close attention to the TOUs of
that service, though. I doubt those cover that kind of (mis-)use.

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