Shibboleth experience with LibApps by SpringShare

Corey Scholefield coreys at
Tue May 17 20:08:09 EDT 2016

Greetings all.....just wondering if any Shibboleth IDP deployers on this list have experience with setting up an attribute-release policy for the SP provided by LibApps ?

The vendor technical support doesn't seem to have any Shib IDP configuration samples to crib from, and I'd like to help a colleague translate a standard ARP into claims that an ADFS-based IDP could issue to the service.

This translation to claims should be fairly straight-forward, I think - but the vendor has asked that username be released as this format :


...which doesn't sound semantically correct, according to the SAML spec.

Thanks for any tips!

(and thanks to Peter Schober for the guidance so far on this one....!)

Corey S.

Corey Scholefield | coreys at
Sr. Identity Systems Analyst
University of Victoria | Victoria, B.C. Canada?
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