enabling per attribute release consent in IDP v3

Tom Zeller tzeller at dragonacea.biz
Mon May 16 14:15:33 EDT 2016

>> Just a quick FYI.  I was trying to enable per attribute release consent without success.  The consent page did not show any way to choose individual attributes.  I finally looked at the template and the HTML page source, and saw that the HTML document did indeed have checkboxes.  Trouble was that my browser (Firefox, Linux) was cutting off the right side of the table.  One of my attributes was "isMemberOf" and its values were rather long DNs.  So this shoved the checkbox column out of view (no horiz. scroll).
> If there's a bug in the CSS or HTML, please file it.

Yes, please file a bug for the Attribute Consent component of the IdP in JIRA.

Looks like “overflow: hidden;” should be replaced with “overflow: auto;” in the #attributeRelease selector of idp.home/webapp/css/consent.css.

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