Shibboleth handler invoked at an unconfigured location

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri May 13 11:38:58 EDT 2016

* reda sabir <sabiretude at> [2016-05-13 16:20]:
> shibsp::ConfigurationException at (
> Shibboleth handler invoked at an unconfigured location.

First I'd have to ask why you think you need those Overrides.

None of these override the entityID (so you're not trying to create
logical SPs), the first one (wso2) doesn't override the handlerURL,
and the second one (openam) sets handlerURL to the value of the
ApplicationDefault (/Shibboleth.sso). The second Override also sets
the same MetadataProvider as the ApplicationDefault.

So not only is it not clear what any of this should accomplish, I
don't think that could work when the handlerURL and entityID are the
same for all applications. The software wouldn't know what application
an incoming protocol message would belong to.

You can always turn up debug logging for the native log to see what
application a given request is being routed to. But your configuration
seems rather broken/nonsensical to me, so the log probably won't offer
additional insight. The documentation would, though:


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