Unsuccessful read of Session

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Thu May 12 17:03:26 EDT 2016

> We're using the same basic configuration for this SP as others in
> our environment, but have logs full of the following:
> WARN Shibboleth.SessionCache [63361]: unsuccessful read of session (ID:
> _42856448f2c3893bf74d8aba239859ed), caches out of sync?

The bug Peter referenced is not referring to this getting logged when the sessions happen to have expired, otherwise it means what it says, they're not there anymore.

> 1. Ensured time was correct and in sync on IDP and SP

Won't matter here.

> 2. Verified an appropriately long timeout setting in shibboleth2.xml (it's
> consistent with other, working SPs in our environment).

Rules out premature timeouts I guess.

> 3. Verified that the default IDP NotOnOrAfter settings have not been
> changed.

It would be SessionNotOnOrAfter that's involved, not that setting.

> I'm rather at a loss. I should note that this particular SP is behind a load
> balancer, but when the issues were reported we removed all but a single
> instance from the LB and the issue persists.

Well, the sessions aren't there. If you're using a local shibd in the usual mode on the same box with the web server with no clustering, then I really have no explanation for you other than shibd restarting on you constantly, causing the data to disappear. Any sign of that?

-- Scott

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