Origin Variable in logout.vm

Alexander Herr alexander.herr at gast.hs-merseburg.de
Thu May 12 06:50:21 EDT 2016

>> Any chance for me to at least get the entityID?
> Depends what kind of logout you're using, but for SAML, yes, it's in the RelyingPartyContext child in the tree.

That was what I suspected at first. In the velocity logout.vm I tried to 
read the contents of $logoutContext.getSessionMap(), as that seems to be 
the variable with which one can access the RelyingPartyContext [1]. 
However that map was empty, indicating that it does not hold the 
entityID which requested the logout, I guess because that SP already 
performed the logout locally.

Any advices?

[1]: https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/IDP30/VelocityVariables

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