Origin Variable in logout.vm

Alexander Herr alexander.herr at gast.hs-merseburg.de
Wed May 11 12:33:01 EDT 2016

>> I want to show the User a return url in the logout page of the IdP
>> pointing back to the website where they initiated the SLO process.
> No such URL exists.
>> How can I get the URL of the website that requested the SLO?
> That's not a well-defined concept, particularly in SAML, were knowledge of specific URLs at an SP is by design masked from the IdP in various ways.

Hmm, well I'd be able to reconstruct or otherwise gain knowledge about 
the URL I want if I can get the entityID of the SP that requested the 
SLO. But I wasn't quite able to get that, although I'd imagine that 
information should be shared through SAML.

Any chance for me to at least get the entityID?


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