docusign failing

Ted Fisher tffishe at
Fri May 6 16:05:42 EDT 2016

Thanks for the feedback Scott, which raises another question. 
We have users opening multiple tabs to our 2.4 IDP frequently with no problems (at least not until now).  Pardon my ignorance, but I was not aware that was an issue.  How have we gone so long with users doing this before it became an issue with this one app?

> We have recently started authenticating docusign from our idp which 
> has been working fine.  Our apps people have found though that when 
> they review a first document it redirects to our idp and completes 
> authentication, but then when they open a different document it 
> redirects to the idp and /idp/AuthnEngine throws a 500.
> I've increased logging to quite a bit of debug and I don't see any 
> indication what is causing the problem.  No error gets logged.

It isn't really possible to get a 500 with nothing logged, something's logged somewhere. Container if nowhere else.

Based on the description, I would have to guess they aren't in fact completing authentication at all, but opening multiple tabs to the IdP, and you can't do that with 2.x.

-- Scott

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