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> What I'm really asking, why are the brackets ( ) not being escaped in
> the script?

Are you trying to generate an Attribute in a script and then directly use that as the search filter in a connector? Pretty sure that isn't possible, and it would naturally escape the value being that it's plugged into a search filter.

Yes, I'm trying to fix our previous working script. It's a LDAP search filter from two attribute values or more obtained with the previous LDAP connector search. The script should then build something like this "(|(departmentNumber=x)(departmentNumber=y))"  and then do another search based on this filter build script, this worked OK in IDPv2 but not in V3.

We have a tricky data model in our LDAP structure, arranged in different DN:s based on how many departments an employee is working in. We search out all departments based on their employee number returning multiple DN:s. 


-- Scott

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