relying-party override and signResponses

Powell, Alan powela at
Fri Apr 29 13:15:18 EDT 2016

I will file a bug report. I just wanted to make sure before pointing this
out to them. It seems better that they use ³true/false² so it would still
work if the check becomes less forgiving in the future...

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>Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 16:55:14 +0000
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>Subject: RE: relying-party override and  signResponses
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>>  p:signResponses="never" confused me as I though the new syntax was for
>> to be true or false. This example worked so I began to wonder and
>> discovered that this works
>It just accidentally has an effect. The type of that property is
>Predicate<ProfileRequestContext>, and we have converters that turn
>true/false into predicates.
>Can you please file a bug? We should be more explicit if we can and block
>use of other values.
>Being forgiving isn't strictly speaking an error but it's not helpful
>-- Scott

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