Apache workers stuck in graceful shutdown on RHEL7

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Thu Apr 28 22:06:47 EDT 2016

> A stack trace of the worker looks to indicate some sort of deadlock in
> shib_exit():

Seems unable to shutdown the background thread.

> Wondering if anyone has seen a similar issue or has any ideas that may help
> us narrow down the problem further?

Wouldn't even know how to tell what you're seeing. I can check mine if you tell me what to check. If you're not running in worker mode, that would be an obvious possibility. I certainly see no excess children lying around.

You could conceivably turn off reloadability and see if that changes things, but it's tricky to do that for the main file. You need a snippet of XML like this:

<Config path="/etc/shibboleth2.xml" reloadChanges="false" />

If you assign that to the SHIBSP_CONFIG environment variable, that's supposed to override the loading process and should disable the background thread on the main file, which seems to be the one that's hung. Doesn't get used much as a feature, so hopefully it still works.

-- Scott

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