O365 auth bypass

Ioannis Kakavas ikakavas at noc.grnet.gr
Thu Apr 28 04:00:57 EDT 2016

Hi Leif,

There was a vulnerability in Office 365.
I could send a "forged" SAML assertion and exploit it.
I couldn't send a forged WS-Trust token and exploit it.
I couldn't abuse the username/password authentication.

The title was intended to reflect that. ( and yes I know that "the road
to hell is paved with good intentions )


On 28/04/2016 10:48 πμ, Leif Johansson wrote:
>>> This is being misrepresented (and >dangerously so, IMHO)
>> That's an overstatement IMHO.
> Read the title out loud again and then say it isn't talking about SAML :-)

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