Reading HandlerURL value in PHP

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Thu Apr 28 02:37:18 EDT 2016

Thanks for the info.

I have put in the following RFE:


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I was wondering whether mod_shibboleth was able set some CGI variable for the value of the HandlerURL, so that instead of hard coding this value in PHP code, we could retrieve the value via a variable (much like Shib-Identity-Provider etc). Making applications more easily movable between different server setups.

If you're asking if it can now, no. The closest is that it has a Shib-Application-ID header for the application ID, so I suppose some kind of config table could be set up as a workaround at least.

But, that's an extremely good idea, please file a RFE.

Usually I dread any messages with "handlerURL" in the subject line.

That's a really good idea. I should have thought of it.

-- Scott

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