Windows install file locations

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Mon Apr 25 05:28:27 EDT 2016

> For an IIS 7 64 bit system, is Shibboleth contained entirely within the C:\opt
> folder (assuming default location)?  If so, would removal of the references to
> Shibboleth (ISAPI, extension) and it's attendant system service along with the
> C:\opt folder, remove shibboleth in it's entirety from the system?

No, the Shibboleth DLLs and other support items (like schemata) are installed to Program Files (and Program File (x86) on a x64 machine).  However I am not aware that there is any posty-installation activity in those folders (there shouldn't be) and so if you have done an uninstall they should have been removed.

I wouldn't speak to the cleanliness of the uninstall of the IIS filters so you would be wise to look at them.


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