Attribute maps and nameFormats

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sun Apr 24 09:44:39 EDT 2016

* Sam Jacob <skjacob at> [2016-04-24 14:28]:
> In our current SP config, we have separate Attributemap file for each iDP.
> The attribute names and ids, in all those files, are same except the
>  NameFormat.

If the attribute name is the same but the nameformat is different I'd
claim that one of those names is in in fact correct. (You may or may
not have the leverage to get the IDP to change that, no idea.)

> Is there a way to have one single Attributemap file created which
> can cater to any NameFormat ?, with name and id being the same.

Not "any" as in a wildcard match, but I think you should be able to
create Attribute elements with the same name (certainly several with
the same "id" value, the default map even ships with such elements)
and have differing nameformat attributes on them (or use the default
of URI on some of them).

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