Consent Release Discrepancy

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Apr 21 23:22:11 EDT 2016

> I'm trying to solve an issue with a scripted attribute "isMemberOf" where on
> the consent release screen for staff the values "default" & "staff" are
> displayed but for students only "default" is displayed.

Then you must have a filter rule blocking one of them, there really isn't any other possibility.

> Looking at the log for staff [1] 2 values are released after post-processing and
> for students [2] 2 values are released as well but only one appears in the
> consent release page.

None of those are released, they're just resolved. Releasing attributes is based on the filter policy. The consent page runs against the filtered/released attributes, not the resolved set.

-- Scott

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