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Tascoe, Jonathan tascoe.1 at
Thu Apr 21 13:02:53 EDT 2016

Good afternoon all,

I'm hoping someone can assist me with some issues I am having with Shibboleth while trying to migrate our WordPress websites to an updated server (SP 2.5.2 Ubuntu repo, might be 2.5.4). Using the same configuration files (slightly tweaked with the different attributes from shibboleth2.xml v2.5) I'm getting an infinite loop when attempting to login to the sites. I have looked over the troubleshooting documents on the shibboleth wiki but I'm a little stumped.

Through testing I have eliminated the customer (WordPress) as its sending the correct target information and the SP is returning back to the targeted endpoint with a session being created (its in the transaction log, I can also see the cookie in the browser shibsession) but this data is not being passed through PHP to the wordpress application. 

I think it might be a hiccup in either step 5 or 6 in the Flow. Specifically "Cookie Read by SP" as when using when using Drupal on the same server it doesn't redirect to the target but rather to the homeURL. The WordPress plugin however looks for the session by several different names and if it doesn't find what its looking for restarts the process from the start causing the infinite loop.

- Logs show no errors
- New server has apache 2.4 instead of 2.2
- New server has shibbolethSP 2.5.2 instead of 2.4.3
- WordPress sites get stuck in an infinite loop when logging in.
- A Drupal instance I have setup (To make sure it is not the WP plugin) with their shibboleth plugin takes the user to the URL specified in the homeURL attribute after signing in.

Thank you,

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