Apparent inconsistencies in the Shibboleth wiki concerning persistent NameIDs for federating a Shibboleth IDP with Microsoft Azure

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Wed Apr 13 15:01:18 EDT 2016

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>I can't be grateful enough with every person who contributed in this thread. Thanks to you I was able to get Shibboleth IdP 3.2 up and running against Azure Active Directory (Office 365). The wiki page was absolutely misleading. I'll be creating a new one with the correct procedure if you don't mind.

Given that I think the original was/is mostly accurate, I don't really think that's going to help much but confuse people more.

The problem here is that dumping a ton of XML into a page doesn't help but to propagate mistakes. What's needed in providing integration guides is to cover the *technical requirements of the service*. Since the vendors aren't capable of documenting their own services, that's really what people are doing here.

Basically, the instructions need to be "what", not "how". "How" is a matter for the existing IdP documentation to cover.

-- Scott


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