How to write Custom APIs on IdP

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Wed Apr 13 06:28:27 EDT 2016

Yes all SPs are from within single domain. Also both IdP and SPs are
internal to one organization but SPs are hosted across different

I will try to break down my problem statement:

First, (Update/Add data on IdP's DB from SP after successful
authentication) In an SP initiated SSO scenario, how can a user update
his/her password (or any other field on IdP) ?

Second, (Synching of user information across SPs) I want user's information
to be updated across all SPs when it gets updated at IdP. I have a problem
very similar to this (Kindly read comments on Vladimír Schäfer
answer) :

On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 2:29 PM, Rod Widdowson <rdw at>

> > which can be updated by any of the SP. Also we want to allow to update
> user information from SPs.
> >
> > Thus we want to write APIs on IdP for such updates which can be called
> from SPs directly. How to implement this.
> Write it into a Database from the SP and uses RDBMSDataConnector on the
> IdP?  Or LDAP?
> This has to be internal to a single privacy/security domain I guess?
> Otherwise I don't even want to think about the privacy&secuirty
> implications...
> Rod
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