How to write Custom APIs on IdP

Shagun Akarsh shagun.akarsh at
Wed Apr 13 02:23:00 EDT 2016


We are running Shibboleth IdPv3.2.1 to authenticate multiple SPs using
UsernamePassword authentication with LDAP. We need to store common
organization information on IdP (required by all SPs), which can be updated
by any of the SP. Also we want to allow to update user information from
SPs. (Required features: Forgot Password, Update Password, Update User's
givenname, update user's address, Update user's organization, *Add new
user,* etc). We want to do all this directly from SP without redirecting to
IdP through API calls (back-channel).

Thus we want to write APIs on IdP for such updates which can be called from
SPs directly. How to implement this.


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