Redirect on logout for idp3 and CAS?

Dan Oachs doachs at
Tue Apr 12 09:06:41 EDT 2016

I was wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction on an 
issue we are having.  I was not able to find a solution yet when 
searching this list.

We recently upgraded to idp 3.2.1 from idp 1 something and a separate 
CAS server.  We are now using CAS that is built in to idp 3 which is 
great, but we have not been able to find a way to allow sites using CAS 
to send us a redirect URL so that when clients are logged out they are 
redirected to a different location.  Does anyone know how we would do 
such a thing?  I'm hoping it is something simple that we have overlooked.

If it matters, we are using idp 3.2.1, jetty 9.3.7, memcached, and doing 
failover with nginx.

         Dan Oachs

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