Shibboleth Idp does not persist URL hash fragments across a login redirect.

Abdul Waheed waheedtechblog at
Tue Apr 12 05:03:51 EDT 2016


I am working on Web application which is developed in AngularJS and by
default Angular uses the URL hash fragment to maintain client-side. So most
of our URLs contains ‘#’ in it e.g.

Suppose, If a user has bookmarked the above Url and tries to perform an
action on the page in which the session has already expired, the user is
redirected to a Idp login screen. After successful authentication, the Idp
is discarding the hash fragment Url and redirect back to page.

Please let me know what I can do over here or Is it a Shibboleth Bug ?
Currently, I am using Shibboleth 2.4v

Abdul Waheed.
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