Shibboleth v3 idp with ADFS

LAKIN Paul P.Lakin at
Mon Apr 11 07:34:23 EDT 2016

Good Afternoon,

We are looking to move from shibboleth v2 to v3 and at the same time we would like to better integrate it with our MS ADFS system - at the moment the two are largely separate.

Our goal would be a single sign on experience between the two. Would anyone be able to offer any advice on how to go about this? In particular we would like to use shibboleth as the idp, but authenticating the user with ADFS instead of ldap. That is, the external resource would direct our user to login at, and if the user was not already authenticated shibboleth would redirect the user to Once authenticated Shibboleth would provide the access token for the service provider.

Has anyone set up something similar? Can one shibboleth idp instance also act as a sp to authenticate, or would it be possible to for example run another instance of shibboleth or IIS in front of the idp to protect those pages, and somehow pass the authenticated username through?

I would appreciate any pointers!

Kind Regards,

Paul Lakin
Staffordshire University


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