Blackboard Transact & IDP 3.x

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Fri Apr 8 11:40:23 EDT 2016


I missed your earlier response. I am indeed running it over port 443 and,
now that you mention, it it explains why I needed to do it when others
seemingly did not. The original document Blackboard provider for using
Shibboleth insisted you use port 443 (Im not suggesting that makes sense
but it was in their document)


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>> Thanks, James. I got it working yesterday. ?Did you include the
>> AttributeQuery/SOAP profile in the relying party overrides as well?? -
>> this was largely the sticking point which prevented me from getting to
>> work all along. I didn?t realize I needed to have that in there.
>> I had to add p:encryptAssertions=?false? to that line to get it to
>> work, however.
>As I said, that simply isn't so, unless you're running this over port
>443, and that's a very unusual thing to see today. Or there's a bug. So I
>need to know the answer.
>-- Scott

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