Heads up to V3 message translators

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Wed Apr 6 21:03:57 EDT 2016

Please take note of this commit [1] to address IDP-944. We should have laid it out this way originally, but hey, we were learning this stuff at the time.

Anyway, if you have existing translations split into three files, the next version of the IdP will be merging them by default into one system file and there will be an empty file provided for users to put their own messages in.

What I would suggest for the time being is doing the same thing for the current release, and suggesting people just change the message sources in services.xml to reflect that, but this change won't break anything people are doing now regardless.

I'm open to us including translations for the new messages.properties system file in the next version, as we now can just maintain them as system files.

-- Scott

[1] http://svn.shibboleth.net/view/java-identity-provider?rev=8199

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