Evolving Attribute Release Policies for campuses

Scott Koranda skoranda at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 12:28:28 EDT 2016

> But now we're also talking about the federation management
> interfaces for all of the eduGAIN federations adding support
> for SP admins being able to enter this text for each
> requested attribute and then generating metadata that
> includes these extensions. That's the technical issue, and
> maybe not an impossible one. The bigger challenge, IMHO, is
> getting the SP admins to actually enter something. We've had
> a hard enough time getting SP admins to enter
> RequestedAttributes; now we're asking them to go back and
> put in meaningful text for each attribute. 

I don't think it is any different then IdPs not entering mdui:
attributes to enhance discovery services used by SPs. A set of
logo URLs for images at different sizes work well,
particularly with the Shibboleth EDS.

It is not hard to find IdPs in InCommon that do not have logo
URLs, depsite having had the opportunity for quite some time
to add them in the InCommon metadata. 

Scott K

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