passing attributes with reverse proxy

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Apr 5 13:24:40 EDT 2016

> We have a Apache web server in front of a custom web server (Active4D).
> We are proxying the requests from the Apache web server to the Active4D.
> On the web server we implemented Shibboleth login and are able to retrieve
> the Shibboleth attributes.  How can we pass these attributes to the Active4D
> server?

By hand, one by one. Apache's reverse proxy connector doesn't pass all the headers across, or at least it never did before. There are some that do (WebLogic's) but with mod_proxy, you would have to manually create SetHeader commands for every header you wanted to transfer across, and source the headers from the local request environment.

Unless I'm not understanding the goal here, you would not need to set the ShibUseHeaders option, the issue isn't accessing the headers in Apache, but across a proxy hop.

-- Scott

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