meta attributes (was: IdPv3 - eduPersonTargetedID - How to define and release this attribute?)

Nate Klingenstein nate.klingenstein at
Mon Apr 4 17:31:56 EDT 2016

I'll veer off-topic and say that reminds me of a brief time programming in MUMPS in the 1970s, where you could abbreviate every command to 1 to 3 letters and create extremely obtuse code. :-)

If anyone tries to tell me that Google Analytics or anything else is “one line of code” ever again, I’m going to come down with the mumps too.  1600 characters of minified Javascript is more of a one liner than one line.

I would still vote in favor of URL-based attribute names as a work stream, though.  If I’m going to make bad suggestions, they’re at least consistently so.
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