Shibboleth IdP 3.2.1 on Windows 2012r2

Michael A Grady mgrady at
Sat Apr 2 10:35:55 EDT 2016

I helped someone upgrade their Shib IdP 2.x to 3.2.1, as a new install on Windows 2012r2 (with 8 gig memory allocated), migrating their 2.x configuration. Used the MSI installer, and installed the included Jetty. Only Jetty change was to up allowed memory to 4 gig. It's consuming the InCommon metadata feed, but no other large metadata aggregate. It's reasonably busy, being used for O365, including ECP usage.

The memory usage seems to just keep going up, running about 2 weeks now, up to just under 3 gig of memory usage. They are reporting that memory holds steady for a few days, then takes a "jump up" and holds steady at that new level. But never seems to drop back down.

Anyone else seen similar behavior?

Michael A. Grady
IAM Architect, Unicon, Inc.

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