multiple sp hosts behind a firewall/proxy etc

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Ok thanks.

Now that I have a short term way to make it appear to work as it should, while allowing end users to do application funtional testing with the jboss cluster active, I can setup captures along the path, then activate the additional nodes temporarily for the captures, get the data, and then idle the redundant shibd and httpd till I work out what is wrong.

I'll give that a shot.

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>Any ideas from anyone are welcome.

You need to check all the logs to determine if the cookie is being sent but not accepted, and run traces to see if the cookie's just not being sent.

There's no way from outside a system to determine the cause of a loop.

If it's sporadic, then that means the configuration itself is probably intrinsically ok, but that you have a per-transaction influence. Off-hand that leaves a lack of stickiness, which you claim isn't the case, or IP addresses changing and invalidating sessions, which would be logged.

-- Scott

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